22nd - 31st May 2020


Far & Wild is delighted to identify and support the best new and emerging Cornish talent in our first Open Call exhibition to celebrate the work of ten early career and recent graduate artists in the South West. 


Special thanks to our guest judges Henrietta Dubrey and Kerry Harding.


All work is available to purchase from the gallery. Please email or call 07702279011. 

PIP BRYSON specialised as a doctor in Psychiatry prior to her career as an artist.  Since having a family, she has focused on painting and spent a rewarding year on the mentoring course at Newlyn Art School in 2017.  Her figurative paintings strive to capture a stillness, a moment caught between the peace and solitude found in the wide-open spaces of our natural world, and the inescapable anxieties of our times.  Lone swimmers, often on the edge of London water, are captured in oils, with a typically paired back composition and limited palette.

LOUISE HAMILTON studied at Falmouth College of Art in the early 90s and in 2017 embarked on the Porthmeor programme at the St. Ives School of Painting. Louise says: “The inspiration for my art comes primarily from observation and experience of the landscape, from the emotions and memories it evokes. I am fascinated by archaeology, by how the people who came before us lived and survived in the landscape. By scoring and drawing into the surface I aim to echo their history; to show the marks and traces left behind on the land.”

LAURA DRAYSON studied BA Hons Contemporary Crafts at University College Falmouth, from which she graduated with a first-class degree.  She works in her studio on the wild north coast of Cornwall, making beautiful pieces of wearable sculpture.  Encompassing the natural forms of geology and plants, her work is informed through drawing in materials.  Working with silver, gold, gemstones and natural materials, her work is strongly influenced by the sea. 

MEGAN FATHARLY graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2018 with a BA in Drawing. Megan utilises traditional techniques and manipulates different surfaces to play with texture and layering.  Delicate linework and subtle intricate layers come together to form individual narratives which allow the everyday to be explored.  Megan says: “I am inspired by the mundane intricacies of interiors, hidden spaces, and elevating forgotten memories.”

SUE WATT enrolled in the Porthmeor Programme at the St. Ives School of Painting in 2018.  Sue says: “I use personal themes from my life such as disability, control, non-verbal communication, hidden messages and dignity, all of which are linked to play and my relationship with Tom, my disabled son.  This body of work began by studying a hand-made spinning toy that we made for Tom, and the shape and form of these spinners can be found in her earlier paintings.  St. Ives and Porthmeer beach are important to me, as this is where I go for respite and this has helped my work evolve.”

CLEMENTINE NEILD, student of master printmaker John Howard RE, has been working from his studio in Penryn since 2013 in intaglio printmaking methods such as etching and aquatint.  She is a former student on the acclaimed Falmouth University course MA Illustration. The etchings featured in this exhibition are from original illustrations in the National Trust published book Savaged Lovely Cornish Homes by Xan Brooks.

JASMINE KING studied Fine Art at Falmouth University, graduating in 2017.  The punch-needle embroidery pieces featured in the Open Call exhibition use materials of yarn, canvas, and hessian.  Jasmine says: “I like to experiment with different materials to give a new perspective on the subjects, in media such as painting, collaging, printmaking, and embroidery.  The enjoyment of my art practice is all about the process, which has inspired this most recent embroidery work.” 

JUDITH LAKEMAN FRASER enrolled on St. Ives School of Drawing’s Porthmeor Programme in 2019. Judith says: “My current work reflects my concern with the threat to the landscape from global warming. The red line which runs as a thread through many of my images is a metaphor for the loss of our eroded coastline and its many footpaths which have been closed.”

BEKKIE GRAHAM is a photographic artist working on the overlapping themes of childhood, education and motherhood and a current graduate on the Falmouth College of Art MA Photography course. Her project 'The Heutagogical Home' focuses on families who are home educating in Cornwall, aiming to highlight the many personal, political and philosophical reasons families choose alternative education, and the many ways it is experienced.

JACKY PAYNTER first studied graphic design at Redruth School of Art, which is now part of Falmouth University.  Following a career as art director for Walker Children’s Books, she returned to painting through St. Ives School of Painting’s Porthmeer programme.  With a background in graphic design, Jacky seeks out unusual viewpoints and compositions.  Her paintings, in acrylic, oil and mixed media, capture the atmosphere of St. Ives and show her love of colour, texture, line, and drawing.  



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